Friday, April 3, 2020

Transitioning to Remote Interpreting for Times of Crisis: Where do we start, and where will we end up? (Part 1: Equipment)

PDF: Equipment recommendations for Video Remote Interpreting/Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (VRI/RSI) 

Hello friends,

I want this series to read like a letter, colleague to colleague, interpreter to client, to tell you in real time the story of my journey as an on-site professional freelance interpreter suddenly homebound, but still passionate about reaching out and connecting people and working hard to figure out how to keep doing that. Over the past few weeks, I've been lucky to be able to connect like never before with interpreter friends and colleagues to put our heads together about how to crack this problem for ourselves and help bring the entire interpreting profession along with us.

I've seen incredible solidarity and generosity on the part of interpreters and other language services professionals around the world donating their time to teach what they shine at and share best practices for free.  More than ever, we need that mutual support to maintain language access for non-English speaking members of our communities, and to assist fellow interpreters who have suddenly found themselves out of work in finding their way back into employment under strong working conditions that promote the kind of quality and excellence they've always offered to the people they support.

I started my journey to remote with a lot of research on tech for interpreting. Luckily, with a little know-how and actually not too much up-front investment, you can do this, and do it brilliantly.  In the PDF at the top of this post is a list of VRI/RSI equipment and connectivity recommendations to get you started building your interpreter home studio. Please feel free to share widely and if you have any feedback to make it better, let me know! Doing my part in all this, I'll be continuing to create more content over the next several days and weeks that I hope will help you, like me, transition to a whole new way of working. Stay safe!

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Chins up, we got this!



  1. Very useful recommendations indeed, will you also review the interpreting platforms currently available on the market?

  2. I should! I'll put that on the list for future topics:)